With Bex, we will define a new era in engineering luxury tools with the utmost quality and reliability in mind.

Our Mission

BEX is a professional line for the most demanding artists to fuel their creative expressions. Our products are created by stylist who understand the expectations of their peers and needs of their clients. We are devoted to preserving the integrity and professionalism of the beauty industry to the highest level. Our mission is for everyone to have the Best Ever Xeperience with BEX tools!

CEO and founder

Over the years in the beauty industry, Van Hong has gained success as a stylist, salon owner, educator, platform artist, and television personality. He regularly showcases his talents on Canada’s most prestigious television shows and has earned the reputation as one of the most sought after makeover specialist. Van’s diverse ability allows him to push the limits, from his fantasy work to his personalized commercial looks. He believes that by keeping an open mind, one will automatically absorb infinite knowledge. His passion is to share his experiences and inspire others to excel to their full potential. Van expects only the best!

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